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Exhibition opening in November at Red Hill Gallery (Brisbane)




“If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water.”— Loren Eiseley.


Few people are lucky enough to experience first-hand, the majesty and magic of life under the surface of the ocean. Even fewer have the talent to capture that wonderful world and be able to share it in such an exotic, emotive way. Underland is an active collaboration by two of those rarely talented people, Starr and Darren Jew.


A unique collection of paintings, drawings and photographs that extol the beauty and fragility of the precious marine life that is living in our oceans and waterways. Only one artist can give such stylistic life to the colour and fluidity that is our own Great Barrier Reef, with her painterly pop panache… By bring her own incarnation of Alice into play, Starr draws attention to the dire need to make sure we do all we can to save this beloved world icon. 


Underland the newest exhibition at Red Hill Gallery, is in part a magnificent first-time collaboration between two of not only Brisbane, but Australia’s most gifted artists, Starr and underwater photographer, Darren Jew.

Preview some of Starr's featured pieces below:

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