Exhibition opening in November at Red Hill Gallery (Brisbane)




‘I must have flowers, always, and always ‘ 

Claude Monet


Starr’s latest exhibition has been inspired by the wonder of nature, in particular its glorious flora and fauna. From her atmospheric and surreal land and city scapes to her whimsical figurative work, Starr reveals her unyielding passion for nature in every brush stoke with her unique painterly pop style.


Starr work is almost magical, capturing the beauty of this planet in ways that evoke a mesmerising dreamlike quality, as if she is creating a fairy tale on the canvas. This body of work is named after the French word for garden, celebrating the magnificence and beauty of Europe, while focussing on the otherworldly ecstasy of explosive colour found in only the illusory garden imagery that Starr creates.

We look forward to welcoming you to “Jardin” during November at Red Hill Gallery.

Preview some of Starr's featured pieces below: